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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Need A Date?

    Let's take a little trip down Memory Lane. Remember when you first laid eyes on your signifcant other? How did they look? Did they take your breath away? Did you say something like : I gotta get to know him/her" to yourself. You may have even checked around to see if they were attached.  Now let me change the scenario a bit. The situation remains the same EXCEPT FOR...... that person you're practically drooling over is in a wheelchair, or wears leg braces or has some other type of disability. Do you give them a second look or even a second thought?  Even today with most people thinking more liberally, dating a disabled individual remains  rather taboo. Why is that? Well, in "One  Man's Opinion", people arent taking the time to get to know that person. Instead they see a person who doesn't look "normal" and  keep right on moving. I've heard excuses like "My Boyfiriend Won't Let Me" to "Um ...Uh...Well....... and then there's the ever popular "I Can't Handle Your Disability" How do you know you can't "handle" their needs/problems if you don't know what they are? Ok, I understand fear and fear of the unknown is frightening. But isn't ANY new dating situation scary? Will they like me? How should I act?  I myself have been stood up on many occassions(not bad for a guy who can't even stand on his own). I can say I've had one relationship that proved meaningful. It only lasted 3 months though as the saying goes, "It Is Better To Have Loved and Lost Than Never To Have Loved At All" We had some great times. She's also the girl who "Couldn't Handle Your Disability". I've also considered dating services as a way to meet people. It's Not Cheap(I've been looking over various sites). So the next  time  someone catches your eye, try to overlook some things and maybe you just might be in for a surprise


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